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Shaped Wire Screens: The Hoyt Hi-Rise™ Screen

Hoyt Hi-Rise

Hoyt Hi-Rise Screen: Notice the vertical sides within the openings.

Comparison of shaped wire (top)
and coventional wire (bottom).

The Hoyt Hi-Rise Screen dramatically increases production rates of aggregate producers while maintaining or increasing wear-life of these screening panels. This newly developed screen cloth manufacturing technology is unique in the production of efficient and long-wearing woven wire screens. It is made possible by the compression and expansion of the conventional round wire, previously used to produce woven wire screen cloth. The compressed and expanded oblong shaped wire is positioned vertically and tightly woven to manufacture the Hoyt Hi-Rise™ Screen. Much greater open area and longer wear-life is now possible when using Hoyt Hi-Rise™ Screens when maximum production of accurately sized material is needed.

Conventional round wire woven screen cloth was the industry standard ever since woven wire aggregate screens were invented. Simply stated, crimped round wires are woven together to produce square opening shaped screens. As round wire abrades due to the aggregate flow over and through the screen cloth, the openings become larger and the wire diameter becomes smaller. Replacement of conventional woven wire screen cloth is needed when either or both of these factors occur in the aggregate screening process. Additionally, due to the geometry of the round wire, once the openings enlarge, the screen cloth panels needs to be replaced due to passage of oversized material.

The Hoyt Hi-Rise™ Screen, utilizing the oblong shaped wire, now eliminates the occurrence of oversized material and rapid wear due to abrasive screening conditions. The Hoyt Hi-Rise™ Screen not only extends screen cloth wear-life by increasing the effective height of the wire but also offers aggregate producers much greater screening efficiency and production due to the compression of the wire. This increases open area and aggregate production convincingly.

More information is available:
Download Shaped Wire Brochure (PDF)
Download Serpa XLT Brochure (PDF)

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